Bonsai Asian Tacos
Categories: Art Direction, Branding, Campaign Ideation

Bonsai Asian Tacos is a food truck that takes the Mexican classic, the taco, and gives its' own twist by using Asian flavors. The two cultures colliding in the food Bonsai Tacos serves inspired a branding system and social media campaign.


Bonsai Asian Tacos is a food truck in a competitive market and needs to stand out as a unique and outstanding option. Through the use of clever branding and marketing, it can achieve its goal of providing consumers with delicious, unique, and high quality Asian Tacos.


Taking into account scale, impact, and budget I developed a versatile branding system that could be applied to a variety of touch-points. As well as a scalable and achievable twitter campaign to grow regional awareness for the restaurant.


This mark draws inspiration from Japanese Hanko stamps. The tacos with the rays is also derived from the imagery from the Japanese flag. There are two versions of the logo one that is a positive space version and one negative space version.

Positive Version
Negative Version
Chau Philomene One
Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign I developed was based off the idea of combining two cultures. Customers can engage with Bonsai Asian Tacos by writing haikus about their love of tacos on twitter using the hashtag #ayayayku. The food truck can engage with customers in a fun way through twitter and the campaign can be expanded into flyers that advertise the food truck and encourage customers to follow the Bonsai twitter account.


In addition to the twitter campaign, in order to promote it, I designed and illustrated a few posters with examples of how to write a #ayayayku. The flyers could be printed and distributed around town, but also used as digital assets on social media.

Applied Branding

Reagan McGregor Hicks