Reagan McGregor Hicks
Clear Correct
Categories: Art Direction & Photography

Clear Correct is an invisible aligner brand that provides an alternative to traditional braces. CC came to us (my agency and I) after a recent brand refresh in need of new consumer-facing educational videos as well as new photography to accompany their brand refresh. We were tasked with taking complicated, boring, medical terminology and making it clear, exciting, and simple.


Talking about medical care can be monotonous and boring, but it doesn't have to be. How do you talk about and depict dental care, in this case straightening your teeth using clear dental aligners in a way that is engaging, educational, and nice to look at?


We concepted and created two stop-motion educational videos that doctors can show consumers before purchasing Clear Correct to learn more about orthodontics and why clear correct can be a good alternative to traditional braces. We also created a slew of photography assets to use for branded marketing.

Art Direction: Reagan Hicks, Hua Liu, & Nhi Nguyen
Photography Art Direction: Reagan Hicks
Photography: Reagan Hicks & Hua Liu
Copywriting: Ali Obermayer
Video Editing: Melyssa Vasquez