Electric Fetus Records
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With the rise of music streaming services, the importance of record stores has become much less important for many music lovers. However, collecting and listening to vinyl has seen a resurgence. Electric Fetus Records is a record store in Minneapolis, MN that has been around since 1969. In order to stay competitive with digital marketplaces, EFR needed a rebrand and general brand repositioning.


Create a branding system that is engaging, iconic, and cool. How do you capitalize on the legacy of a record store that has been around for decades to be competitive in an ever increasing digital and streaming focused listening environment?


Design a bad ass brand starting with a new mark. Follow that with a fully fleshed out branding system along with print and digital campaigns and you bring a dying record store into the 21st century.


Electric Fetus needed a new logo as the consumer face of their new brand. I wanted to create a mark that was not only iconic and memorable, but also versatile in a variety of different situations. I combined the two letter E and F into the form of a lightning bolt.

Advent Pro
Cutive Mono
Tagline and Campaign:

To further develop the brand identity, a tagline was created... "Raising Up Music". The thought behind that tagline was the idea of a fetus and the ideas associated with raising children and the act of raising or elevating something in society. Raising Up Music speaks to Electric Fetus' desire to elevate the thing they love most to a lofty and honorable place in society.

The idea with the ad campaign was to build on the brand’s name, Electric Fetus and play off of the it’s tagline “Raising Up Music” Models were posed in family portraits with their “kids”. Each record is a pun for the term of endearment used for children.

Spotify Playlists:

Curated Spotify playlists were created in order to increase brand awareness among music listeners who use streaming services. Each month a new curated playlist is released. I created a custom template for EFR to make a thumbnail each month for the playlists.

Applied Branding:

Reagan McGregor Hicks