Categories: Branding, Art Direction

Straumann Group (owners of another client I've done work for Clear Correct) is planning on launching a direct to consumer version of their invisible aligners. They wanted to build a brand from the ground up that could stand out among the multitude of other DTC competitors (Smile Direct Club, Candid, Byte...)


Create a brand direction and vision for the Smylize brand that includes full branding system as well as comparative analysis to show where Smylize could fall among a crowded group of other DTC clear aligner brands.


Focus on the holes in the market and make a brand that is less clinical and allows consumers to engage in customization of the product they are buying. From custom aligner cases to personalized messages on each aligner, Smylize affords their customer a unique and fun experience with straightening their teeth.

Name and Logo

Smyl·ize (pronounced SMILE-eyes and rhymes with “stylize”) Alludes to clear aligner users “stylizing” their own smiles, and evokes a sense of creativity and visual appeal, in addition to the independence that Smylize customers can experience when aligning their teeth on their own terms without having to go to the dentist.

Colors & Typography

The competitors here predominantly use a single-dimensional color palette, and as a result feel more clinical. Smylize's spectrum of primary colors stands out in this space, while communicating uniqueness and personal expression.

The headline type is bold yet expressive. The typeface is heavily weighted, making it easy to read with rounded serifs–a mix of classic and quirky, much like the brand itself. It feels very modern and aligns with current and future type trends.

I like the the variety of characters that offer a little more personality than a normal serif font like the Y, I, and S. This typeface can be found in the Adobe fonts catalog and is web-safe.

Photo Style

Smylize uses a photography style that emphasizes expression. The style stands out against the competitive brands while aligning itself with current and future photography style trends. Hard shadows and flash photography highlight emotion and bring smiles to the forefront. From nightlife to daytime, the look and feel can be tied back to how Smylize allows its consumers to not let straightening their teeth get in the way of their personal styles.

In order to focus on smiles and the expression of style, the eyes of our models shouldn’t always be open or visible. This makes the image less about its subject, and encourages our customers to place themselves into the photo.

Custom Cases and Aligners

Just like a phone case, an aligner case is something that Smylize customers will carry with them at all times. It’s something that their friends will see and talk about. While aligners are fairly comparable between brands, the option to have a unique and fashionable case is a compelling reason for a consumer to love Smylize.


Because of the nature of DTC brands, especially in the clear aligner market, consumers will most likely interact with Smylize online first. I designed a branded homepage to show how the brand could look in an online setting and to show how the versatility of the brand colors, photo-style, and typography.

Reagan McGregor Hicks